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Campbell Live: $100k raised for Evan Hill's buck teeth

Thursday 15 Dec 2011 4:33 p.m.

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Last night Campbell Live brought you the story of 12-year-old Evan Hill, whose massive front teeth have made his life hell.

Unable to afford the operation he needs, and not covered by the public health system, Evan had resigned himself to a life of ridicule.

But Evan’s story moved so many of you so deeply that his future seems to have taken a sudden turn for the better.

From the moment we ran his story, viewer feedback and donations flooded in. At last count more than 700 people had posted comments on our Facebook page and website.

Robness Mataiti posted: “donated what I would spend on my dinner all week - and I eat big! Merry Christmas little man!”

Patricia Gwatkin posted: “that was the best money spent on such a deserving boy. You make us proud. We are red zone in Christchurch but what you are going through is far worse.”

Bask Wilson wrote: “my 7 and a half year old has rounded up his pocket money and wants me to take him to the bank tomorrow to put it in Evan's account after school. He felt he didn't need the money himself after seeing this story.”

Jo Grant-Lindsay posted: “Evan you are one very special young man. You are very brave going on national TV. Stay positive.”

Evan has clearly reached through the screen and moved you, and now you have moved us.

His jaw sits at a 12 degree angle when it should only be two. His orthodontist told us they were the worst he's seen in 25 years. Now, thanks to you, Evan doesn't have to live like this anymore.

Viewers have donated more than $100,000 to pay for Evan’s operation.

“There are people out there willing to help others in need,” Evan’s father, Stephen told him after hearing the news.

“Especially like you.”

But this wasn't just a story for Evan, it was a story for all those who had ever been bullied, teased or hurt and it's heart-warming to know from such cruelty can come such kindness.

“I’d like to thank you for this kind gesture,” Stephen said.


Campbell Live has received several requests from viewers for an address to send Christmas presents to the Hill family. Any gifts can be sent to the Christchurch TV3 office, where Evan’s dad will collect them.

Twiggers Stand
Level 2, Addington Raceway
Jack Hinton Drive
PO Box 25 040

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