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Campbell Live talks to Dean Barker

Tuesday 1 Oct 2013 4:33 p.m.

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One way or another, New Zealanders will be involved in the next America's Cup. Russell Coutts is a New Zealander. Seven of the Oracle sailing team were New Zealanders.

Larry Ellison is reported to have spent somewhere in the region of $150 million building the Oracle boat.

But will New Zealand have a national team? And if so, will it be led by Grant Dalton and Dean Barker?

The clock is ticking on an answer for those questions. Already, as we'll hear, rival teams are shopping for our sailors.

Do you want a team in the next America's Cup? And if so, should the Government put some money in now to keep the team together?

Campbell Live spoke to Barker.

Watch the video to see the story.

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