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Demon pear leaves mum feeling seedy

Wednesday 12 May 2010 5:33 p.m.

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When you get a piece of fruit out of a can you expect it to look peeled cored or halved – but you do not expect it to look like it has a face.

When Invercargill mum Wendy McMahon dished up her desert from a can, things went pear shaped: staring up at her from the syrupy depths was an evil looking face.

The find was enough to give her nightmares – in the dead of night the face played on Wendy's mind.

“Just looking at the face it was just so unusual to be having a nightmare about a pear,” she says.

But the nightmare got worse when Wendy rang the 0800 number on the back of the can.

Wendy said the receiver insinuated she had carved the face herself.

So had she?

Campbell Live put her to the test armed with budget pear halves and a knife – could she recreate the spooky face?

Well, no offence to Wendy's artistic skills, but she clearly didn't do it.

So if the pear production is fully automated – what happened? Is it a message from beyond?

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