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Home-brewed beer up and coming

Monday 8 Oct 2012 3:50 p.m.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in New Zealand. Every year we drink 71 litres per person - that's 18 dozen each every year.

It's a lot, but a lot less than the 151 litres or 38 dozen we used to drink back in 1989.

So who makes all that beer? 

At the moment around 90 percent of all beer in New Zealand is brewed by our two largest breweries, Lion Nathan and DB Breweries.

But that huge market dominance might be about to come under some serious pressure thanks to some gaming-changing Kiwi ingenuity.

Tristram Clayton went to see Santiago Aon Ratto's invention that really could turn the global beer brewing market on its head.

Watch the video to see his report.

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