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Hour-plus wait for St John ambulance

Monday 11 Aug 2014 7:42 p.m.

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Last month Campbell Live covered a story of a woman who called an ambulance, only to be told by emergency services they couldn't send one. 

Well, last Friday night one of our staff members collapsed - he has a heart condition and the pain was enough to send him into shock.

But the ambulance wouldn't come. Call centre staff wouldn't say how long we had to wait. 

Colleagues immediately called an ambulance - the first call was made to 111 at 5:27pm and the caller was told help was on its way. 

When there was no sign of an ambulance, more calls were made, the next call 17 minutes later at 5.44pm. 

Then 5:50pm, 5:51pm, 6pm and 6:20pm - every time we called there was no update, with call centre staff refusing to say where or how far away the ambulance was. 

When we called again at 6:34pm, staff were told the case was now high priority - when we asked what that meant, St John said the ambulance sirens were now on. 

It took one hour and 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive – ironically, Auckland Hospital is just five minutes away. 

Wind back the clock to June 27: Amanda Uenuku was also mistakenly led to believe an ambulance had been dispatched for her desperately ill toddler – another case of St John misleading callers in distress. 

Campbell Live was stunned by St John's response, and wanted to find out if you, the viewers, are also experiencing problems with emergency services. 

Watch the full report from Julian Lee.

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