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HRV responds to sales bullying complaints

Thursday 1 Nov 2012 4:00 p.m.

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HRV and its sales techniques have been making waves on Campbell Live lately.

Tonight we hear from the new head of the home ventilation company, who tells us he's been driving a major culture change since taking over, two years ago.

That's good, because some HRV reps have deployed sales techniques from hell.

We began this story last night, with one HRV customer and her experience of a sales pitch that wasn't just hard, it was brutal.

Then viewers began emailing us.

We removed all the emails that were hearsay or second hand and we compiled just under 100 firsthand accounts of selling techniques that strongly resembled bullying.

We then contacted a representative sample of those people and asked them to tell us their stories.

Among the people who emailed us overnight was Martin Treadwell.

Mr Treadwell worked as a salesperson for HRV for a month in August 2009.

He said he was told to do whatever he could to close a deal and not to leave until a deal was done.

Watch the video to see the story as well the response by HRV chief executive Bruce Gordon.


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