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In return for Dunne's GCSB vote

Tuesday 23 Jul 2013 8:22 p.m.

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If you thought you had heard the last of Peter Dunne, think again.

In the past 24 hours he's risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

The issue is the GCSB Bill.

Strong suspicions he'd leaked a report on that very bill cost him every bauble and his office just six weeks ago. But he's back in the pocket of the Prime Minister. They've cut a deal.

The Government gets Mr Dunne's vote, which will allow them to pass the bill. But what does Mr Dunne get, exactly?

Campbell Live wanted to ask him today, but he was too busy doing whatever he does to be interviewed.

So reporter Rebecca Wright looked at the press conference he gave yesterday in search of an explanation.

Watch the video for her full report.

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