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John Campbell to Ken Ring: I am sincerely sorry

Tuesday 1 Mar 2011 7:10 p.m.

By John Campbell

Last night we had Ken Ring on the programme.

It will have been apparent to anyone watching that I don't believe he can predict earthquakes.

Nor do any of the scientists here.

But many people I've spoken to in this city do - and Mr Ring's predictions terrify them.

After a week here watching this city shouldering the burden of last Tuesday, I believe, with all my heart, that Christchurch doesn't need that kind of stress.

They are hurting enough already.

But I should have kept my heart out of it - or kept it under control - and as many of you have pointed out, I should have let Mr Ring speak.

You're right. I should have. He was our guest.

I have phoned Mr Ring to personally apologise.

I repeat that apology to him now and I want to extend it to everyone watching who was offended by my treatment of Mr Ring.

I am sincerely sorry.

We did invite Mr Ring back onto the programme tonight, promising him a far fairer hearing.

He declined.

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