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John Key discusses Dotcom saga

Friday 4 May 2012 5:13 p.m.

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Tonight John Campbell talks to the Prime minister on Kim Dotcom, John Banks, and the Americans.

This time last Friday, we broke the story of John Banks and Kim Dotcom - the donations, the parties, and the forgotten helicopter ride.

Since then, every politician we've asked for an interview has turned us down.

But on Wednesday, the Prime Minister didn't receive our interview request, and tonight he responds to the questions we raised in that program.

In short, why did he know so little about an operation for the FBI, conducted in his electorate, with the special tactics group using semi automatic weapons to arrest a man charged with internet piracy: an operation that lead to a one billion dollar business being closed down.

So, when this was such an unprecedented operation, for the US, and so many people around him knew why was the Prime Minister not informed?

One point, before we start.

We categorically accept the Prime Minister's assurance that his electorate office did not pass on the details of local constituents who had visited his office to discuss Dotcom.

But there are so many other questions surrounding that raid and what we've learned subsequently about John Banks, those donations and who knew what, and when.

John Campbell begins by asking John Key when he first heard of Kim Dotcom.

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