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Martin and Jane Weekes expecting twins

Friday 29 Mar 2013 6:56 p.m.

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In an exclusive interview with Campbell Live, Martin and Jane Weekes talk about their battle for justice after the devastating Doha mall fire claimed the lives of their triplets Lily, Willsher and Jackson.

But, they began by sharing some very special news.

Martin and Jane are expecting twins, due in August.

The couple sat down with John Campbell to share the story of the fire, the aftermath and why nearly one year on, nobody has been held accountable.

Lily, Willsher and Jackson would have just turned three, were it not for the tragedy that took their lives along with 16 others.

The Villagio shopping mall caught fire in May 2012, killing 19 people, trapped in the mall's creche on the upper floor. They were two firefighters, four staff and 13 children.

Help came too late.

But what went so wrong in the Villagio that day?

Workers at the mall say since then, their questions have gone unanswered, their concerns unheard and their voices have been gagged.

Others complain of a lack of coverage about the tragedy by state-controlled media.

And concerns persist over lax building standards in Qatar.

Residents say there has been a lack of accountability from officials and a reluctance to investigate or regulate Qatar's construction industry.

Documents show the Government was warned about the flammable materials used in the Villagio, as far back as 2008.

An investigation committee found an electrical fault was the cause of the fire. It also found:

"Lack of adherence to laws, systems and measures by all concerned parties to different degrees.

"This includes adherence to design, license and safety conditions, which contributed to the Villagio catastrophe.

"There are no effectual plans at Villagio meant to prevent, contain or at least reduce the effects of such an incident."

But that full report hasn't been given to the Weekes family, nor allowed to be submitted as evidence in court.

The owners of the Villagio, the childcare centre and a government official are all on trial for the failures at the mall.

As yet, none of them have given evidence.

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