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'My apologies but stand by me' – Len Brown

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013 7:59 p.m.

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Appearing on Campbell Live tonight, Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he does not plan to resign following revelations he was involved in an extramarital affair for two years.

"I've been re-elected as the mayor [by] a very, very strong majority of people," says Mr Brown. "Nearly half of people who voted said they wanted me as mayor. I've loved that job with a passion and I love this city and I want to stay in that job, so yes, it is my intention to stay as the mayor."

He says he acknowledged to his family last week he had an affair.

"As I go through this and deal with this, I want the community and media to respect my family. I have caused my wife and my children harm and shame and humiliation and I want the media and community please, as much as they can, to respect my family as I go through this time of addressing these issues with them, with Shan [Inglis] and the girls."

The details of the affair were made public this afternoon on political blog Whale Oil and were later confirmed in an email from Auckland Council.

The woman with whom Mr Brown had the affair with has been identified as Bevan Chuang, a 32-year-old former council advisory board member.

Mr Brown says the relationship endured "sporadically" for around two years and ended shortly before the recent election campaign started.

"I clearly have a challenge within my family and it is there where I have failed dismally. It's now there that I need to do some extraordinary repair work and show my family that I'm worthy of their trust and their love."

The Mayor appealed to voters not to lose confidence in him.

"My apologies but stand by me."

Watch the video for the full interview.

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