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NZ housing standards '15 years behind Europe'

Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 7:03 p.m.

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Here's a question as we come into winter: What do you expect your average electricity bill to be?  A couple of hundred dollars a month?

Maybe you've got a big house that's hard to heat and it ends up costing $300 to $400 a month.

Tonight, Campbell Live wanted to show viewers a new three-bedroom home that when completed, will be New Zealand most energy efficient house ever; a house claimed to be so efficient, the electricity bills are predicted to be nothing.

The big question: why aren't all new homes built to this standard?

John Sellwood travelled to the suburb of Addington in Christchurch to meet the builders, architects and owners of a house with a Homestar rating of nine - a rating that has never been given before.

Watch the video for the full report.
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