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Parents seek answers in Thailand death

Tuesday 29 Mar 2011 4:02 p.m.

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It has been nearly two months since the death of Sarah Carter in Thailand and her parents are still searching for answers.

On February 2, Sarah Carter, Amanda Eliason and Emma Langlands flew in to Thailand on the final leg of their big OE.

They checked in at the Downtown Inn and shared a room - room 518.

On their first night a woman across the corridor in room 516 died in her bathroom

She was victim number four. 

Victim number one was a French woman who died mysteriously on January 4. It is reported she used the Downtown Inn facilities.

A week later Soraya Pandola died. She did not stay or visit the Downtown Inn but her husband says her death was identical to Carters.

A fortnight on, Canadian tourist Bill Mah died. He had used the swimming pool at the Downtown Inn.

Sarah Carter was number five, she died on February 6.

Victims six and seven are Eileen and George Everitt. They died a week later and stayed in a room underneath Sarah Carter's room.

So what killed these people? Thai authorities say the deaths are not linked but five of the families involved say they are.

Campbell Live talks to Sarah Carters mother who travelled to Thailand to get answers.

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