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Police had live video feed of Dotcom raid

Friday 10 Aug 2012 8:10 p.m.

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By 3 News staff

Police have revealed for the first time that during the Kim Dotcom raid there was a video feeding back to a police station for senior police and FBI to see.

It was during an ongoing hearing into what will happen to evidence seized from Dotcom after search warrants used were deemed invalid.

This evening lawyer Guyon Foley, acting for the defendants, questioned detective inspector Grant Wormald, of the Organised and Financial Crime Agency, about how senior New Zealand police officers knew what was going on during the raid.

It was understood that on the day of the raid the FBI representatives in New Zealand, and senior New Zealand police officers knew what was going on, but it was unknown how they got that information.

“What information was coming back to your headquarters group in relation to what was happening as to progress of the raid?” Mr Foley asked.

“We received phone calls from the scene in respect to the fact that at least three of the defendants apart from Mr Dotcom have been located,” Mr Wormald said.

“Radio contact with officers on the ground?”

“We didn’t have radio contact directly with STG because they were working on an encrypted radio network which we didn’t have access to,” Wormald said. “There were messages coming back from the scene with respect to the arrests being made.

“Any video feed from anywhere?”

“We had a video feeding back to the police station,” Wormald said.

He would not say where it was feeding from.

Dotcom’s mansion in Coatesville was raided by police on January 20.

The US Government is seeking to extradite Dotcom and three others on charges of racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering.

The hearing will continue next week.

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