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Red-light runners a growing problem

Friday 14 Mar 2014 5:09 p.m.

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A Campbell Live official information request has given a frightening insight into the scale, and damage of red-light runners.

Last year, just under 10,000 tickets were issued in our six largest cities alone and every year, it gets worse.

More than half of those were issued in Auckland. 

But what is more frightening is the damage those red-light runners inflict on other innocent motorists and pedestrians.

What do you do when you come to a red traffic light?

Most two-year-olds know, but out on the roads, a huge number of adults are getting it very wrong.

According to Auckland Transport figures, there was a serious injury or death resulting from red light running at 48 of the city's intersections over a five-year period.

The figures also showed that 19 serious injuries or death causing crashes occurred at six east Auckland intersections alone.

Tristram Clayton spent just one hour in one suburb in east Auckland and within seconds of filming, people were running red lights.

Watch the full report.

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