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'Slim Ride' - Auckland's transport solution?

Thursday 11 Mar 2010 6:46 p.m.

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'Slim Ride', a light rail system, has been suggested as a partial solution to the chaos and congestion of Auckland roads, and the still underwhelming level of public transport in the city.

It is similar to the one some New Zealanders will have travelled on in London's docklands.

What's great about it, especially in parts of the city where there's simply no more space for transport options, is it requires very little room.

They have more in common with roller coasters than trains and promise to be silent, swift, and frequent.

The track would be slim - sometimes on the ground, and sometimes running above ground at about fence height.

They can go up to 100km/h and would travel in loops around inner Auckland as far east as Mission Bay and as far north as Albany.

They could be used as a form of "last-mile" transport, carrying people that final distance to busy places like malls and universities.

They can carry up to 15 people standing, and there's room for wheelchairs.

The first step is to raise $100,000 to build a prototype in Albany.

The man who designed it is Oliver Neuland from Massey University's Auckland School of Design.

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