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Sol3 Mio invite Northland student to sing

Monday 24 Mar 2014 5:38 p.m.

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A few weeks ago, John Campbell felt slightly ashamed admitting that he didn't know much about Ngapuhi. So he went north to meet some of the 125,000 people who describe themselves as Ngapuhi. 

However in the process, John discovered a glorious surprise. 

Sixteen-year-old Kauwiti Selwyn is a Northland College student who wants to be an opera singer. 

It began at his local DVD store, when Kauwiti hired Les Miserables because he saw Hugh Jackman and thought it was an action and adventure movie. 

Now, young Northland boys who want to be opera singers are fairly thin on the ground, and the community's getting behind Kauwiti – the Lions Club, Rotary, his school, his mum's work, anyone who can help, is. 

But boys need role models too: someone to look up to, to prove they can do it. 

Sol3 Mio are three young men, two of them brothers, whose parents came to New Zealand from Samoa to give their children a better chance in life. 

Pene, Moses and Amitai released the most popular album in New Zealand last year.

Campbell Live told Kauwiti he was going to a Sol3 Mio concert – he'd never been to a concert – and if he came early he could watch the soundcheck. 

A year ago, Kauwiti didn't even know opera existed. 

Watch the full report from John Campbell.

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