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The truth about Happy Feet's home

Monday 8 Aug 2011 5:04 p.m.

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He is a bird that can't fly, and seems to be stuck in a fridge.

Happy Feet, the lost emperor, is in his 'enclosure' at Wellington Zoo, and is being live streamed to the world. You can watch him day and night.

And don't feel silly doing it - many others are watching too.

The bird was named after the movie Happy Feet, in which a dancing emperor penguin leaves Antarctica to alert humans to the problem of overfishing in his icy homeland. 

There's a suggestion that this penguin which washed up on a Kapiti beach is here to do exactly the same - except for the dancing bit.

It's a long stretch, but one environmental group is pushing the penguin's visit as a sign that all is not happy in the Ross Sea, where most of Happy Feet's family lives.

Watch the video.

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