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Legendary DJ in NZ for the We Love Sounds festival

Friday 4 Jun 2010 10:32 p.m.

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By Tim Lambourne

When Steve Aoki founded his LA-based record label, he had no intention of becoming a DJ.

Now Dim Mak records is one of the most influential electro labels around, and Aoki spins tunes at some of the world's biggest festivals..

Aoki is no stranger to New Zealand crowds. When he played in Auckland late last year his Kiwi fans went nuts.

"It was really like a high energy crowd and the New Zealand kids were just going all the way throughout my entire set, so I'm excited to do it again with them."

For those into the genre, Aoki's one of the most recognisable DJs in the world. At just 19 he founded Dim Mak Records.

As well as releasing bands, designing his clothing line and remixing songs, he's also become something of a celebrity - not that he's that into it.
"If Tom Cruise starts DJing then yeah, he is a celebrity DJ. But when it comes to someone like me, I still get confused myself," he says.

But whether he likes it or not the celebrities want him. His latest track 'In Da House' features vocalist Super Black, better known as that guy from the Black Eyed Peas.

And while he once used to rock the rock and roll lifestyle, it's safe to say now that the drugs don't work.

"Years ago I was drunk, missing flights, passing out on planes, passing out at the airport and missing flights there and not knowing where the hell I am… waking up like feeling like shit and drinking again. It's tough. It's very difficult."

Aoki's playing tonight at Auckland's We Love Sounds music festival - think of it as the Big Day Out for electronic music.

Tickets have already sold out, and if it's anything like his last trip here, fans can expect a long and rowdy night.

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