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Shapeshifter signed to Hospital Records

Wednesday 21 Jul 2010 11:07 p.m.

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By Liz Puranam

After 10 years of making music, Shapeshifter have established themselves as one of New Zealand’s biggest dance acts.

Now, they have been picked up by one of the biggest dance labels in the world, ensuring them a global audience.

“They said, ‘we like it, we'll sign you’,” says vocalist P Digsss.

‘They’ are Hospital Records – one of the most respected dance music labels in the UK.

“There's really no one better in drum and bass to promote them over there. It's a very solid brand. One of the biggest brands in the world, really,” says dance music distributor Geoff Wright.

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Hospital is set to release Shapeshifter's platinum-selling album The System is a Vampire as well as a new collection of remixes in October.

“We've had some success but this is probably one of the biggest things to happen to to us,” P Diggsss says.

Geoff Wright has been distributing dance music for 15 years and says the deal will be mutually beneficial.

“It'll be just invaluable to them and with how they've been going for years over here and they're doing so well and they're so polished, it's limitless what will happen for them over there, and for Hospital; I think it's a really good association for both of them.”

Shapeshifter have been marching to the beat of their own drums for a decade; they don't follow trends and they say this is the pay off for spending 10 years perfecting their sound and their live shows.

“We just do our own thing. We learnt that pretty early as, well. We're not following any styles,” says key player Sam Trevethick.

They may not believe in following styles but they've certainly built up a loyal following.

Their show at the Wellington town hall this Friday has already sold out but South Island fans can catch them over the next few weeks before they head off to the UK and Europe to meet their new fans.

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