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Key unconcerned about new Internet Party leader

Thursday 29 May 2014 10:11 p.m.

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The Internet Party announced today it will be led by Laila Harre, the former Alliance MP who has always campaigned on the left side of politics.

She says she's out to take John Key down, so is the Prime Minster worried?

Mr Key joins Paul Henry from the World Class New Zealander Awards at the Langham Hotel tonight, where he presented awards to industry leaders who share their insight to help aspirational Kiwi businesses and individuals succeed.

He describes how he isn't worried in the slightest about Ms Harre.

"In reality, they're a far-left party," says Mr Key. "If you're the Greens or Labour, maybe the margin would be slightly worrying, but it won't do anything to a National, centre-right voter, only divide up the left."

Ms Harre says that they will be aiming for first-time voters, but Mr Key doesn’t think it will make much difference.

"I don't think so, that age gap of 18 to 25 is typically the lowest turnout," says Mr Key, "About half of them vote, so they might get one or two at the margins."

Watch the full interview with Prime Minister John Key.

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