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Organic foods study finds significant benefits

Tuesday 15 Jul 2014 10:35 p.m.

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Tonight the Paul Henry Show attempted to all get a little bit smarter with a catch up on the latest news from the world of science.

It turns out that your facial expressions may be an indicator of whether you have heart or lung disease.

And there's a new study out showing that all the extra money you need to spend to eat organic food may not be entirely wasted.

Nano science expert from Auckland University, Michelle Dickinson joins Paul to discuss whether it really is warranted to pay extra for organic foods.

"The debate still isn't conclusive – this study took the past 343 papers, put them all together and analysed them and it said that nutritionally it is better but actually it's not the nutrition that we depend on," says Dr Dickinson. 

She says that organic foods do contain polyphenols and flavonoids which are thought to fight off cancer and disease, but there are no extra vitamins or minerals – so only slightly nutritionally better.

"The bigger question that we need to be asking is how much we eat fruit and vegetables once a week," says Dr Dickinson. "You're supposed to eat five a day but three quarters of the population don't do that".

Watch the full interview with Michelle Dickinson.

Update: Some concerns have been raised about the line of questioning in this interview. Please see below a statement from a Mediaworks spokesperson:

“The question line was discussed before the interview, and Dr Dickinson has confirmed she was not offended at the time, and is not offended now. The question is one Dr Dickinson has been asked many times since her photo appeared in the paper. She is a highly intelligent and articulate person who can hold her own with Paul Henry and anyone else.”

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