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Political opinions of your average Kiwi - Bella

Tuesday 26 Aug 2014 12:47 a.m.

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If you don't live and breathe politics you are not alone.

Neither do the ordinary New Zealanders the Paul Henry Show will be talking to between now and the September 20 election.

These are hard-working Kiwis who care about what's happening in the world, but who are also far too busy to be bogged down in the detail of what politicians are up to.

Last week we met Graham from Napier, who is one of Paul's political panellists the Paul Henry Show will be hearing from again in the run up to the election.

But tonight Bella, Paul's youngest daughter, gives her views on matters of political interest - not matters of interest to her - but the political stories captivating the media.
And just like Graham, she'll be voting because she knows it's important to, but her pre-occupation is not politics - it's getting on with her own life.

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