Joseph Parker on new daughter, rituals and how he wants to be known

Thursday 1 Dec 2016 7:50 p.m.

Joseph Parker can hear the words "I'm the heavyweight champion of the world" clearly  in his dreams, but will he be able to say them next week after he takes on Andy Ruiz Jr at Vector Arena?

It will be a tough fight with Ruiz, nicknamed 'the destroyer,' being undefeated in 29 professional fights. He has never been seriously hurt, let alone knocked to the floor.

But amid all his training, rituals and madness, Parker has also become a father and he's hoping to spend more time with his daughter after the fight.

Faith is also a big part of Parker's life and part of his routine since he started boxing. His family always get together the day before a fight to say a family prayer.

"It helps keep me humble and remain the person that I am."

Story caught up with the boxer to find out how he's feeling mentally, emotionally and physically ahead of the big fight and how does he want to be known?

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