A month of rain in three days drenches Sydney

  • 22/07/2011

By Samantha Hayes

Three days of torrential rain is breaking records in Sydney, making it the wettest July in almost 60 years.

Th weather is so bad, it's believed to have contributed to a helicopter crash in which two people died at Lane Cove National Park

The deluge soaked Sydney with more than 200mm - a month's worth of rain - in just three days. The wild weather pummelled Bondi Beach and the surrounding coast with waves up to six metres.

Overnight two men had to be rescued from the roof of their car. They were quickly trapped by the fast flowing torrent.

"They were pretty desperate," says Gary Whittacker, State Emergency Services. "They'd been out there for some time - very cold, they were wet."

Sixty homes were evacuated in Gippsland, Victoria. But the area was spared from major flooding.

"We were predicting flood levels to be a lot higher than they were, and thankfully we've escaped it with a lower flood level," says Jordan Lanigan, Victoria State Emergency Service.

But the weather claimed two victims in northern Sydney, killed when their helicopter crashed in the rough conditions.

"It's a complete wreck," says Acting Superintendent Michael Banfield, NSW Police.

Rescuers struggled to reach the crash site in dense bush down a 15m cliff. 

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source: newshub archive

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