Australia takes another battering

  • 25/02/2013

Australia is once again taking a battering from the elements, and both sides of the country are affected.

New South Wales is flooded, huge swells have closed Queensland beaches and Western Australia is bracing for a cyclone.

It has been just three weeks since northern New South Wales was battered. Now parts of it are once again underwater, leaving 20,000 people isolated.

Some could be stranded for days, while others chose to leave before the water rose.

In Kiama, south of Sydney, the cleanup has begun after a massive storm destroyed beachside houses.

One resident said he’d “never heard anything like it”.

“It was like a bomb going off.”

Around 200mm of rain is forecast for Queensland over the next 48 hours. It is not expected to be as bad as the January floods, but the wild weather has closed beaches along the southeast coast.

Waterspouts formed off the coast of Bundaberg, the area worst affected by January’s flooding. And the region can expect more rain too.

Western Australia is bracing for Tropical Cyclone Rusty, expected to impact the northern part of the state late tomorrow.

By the time it reaches land, winds could be as strong as 250km/h.

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source: newshub archive