Australia wins seat on UN Security Council

Saturday 20 Oct 2012 8:19 a.m.

Australia's bid for a UN Security Council seat has been successful, and Prime Minister John Key says it is good news for New Zealand too.

The Aussies secured the support of African nations to win one of two temporary seats at the top table of world politics, and it's thought their campaign cost around $30 million.

Their two-year term begins on the first of January, and Mr Key says he has already texted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to say congratulations.

"I think it’s great for Australia,” he says. “I think it’s great from New Zealand’s point of view. We think very often the same way on issues, so having a friend with a seat on the Security Council is great news.”

New Zealand is campaigning for a temporary seat when they next become available in 2015.


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