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Confident stray cat busts into Turkish studio live on air

Wednesday 19 Oct 2016 3:05 p.m.

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News presenters need to be able to take sudden developments in their stride, and a Turkish presenter managed to adjust to an unexpected feline co-host without even blinking.

Kudret Çelebioğlu was reading the news live on Turkish show Good Morning Denizli when a stray kitten fancied a share of the spotlight.

The kitten busted into the studio and leapt onto the desk, which Mr Çelebioğlu graciously shared.

He said they had a "surprise visitor" before taking a moment to ask viewers to open their own hearts and homes to strays, especially with winter on its way to Turkey.

"We all should take care of them somehow."

In typical cat fashion, the kitten made a beeline for the laptop to curl up on, making it harder for Mr Çelebioğlu to do his job.

After the show ended the cat was given some food and a warm place to snuggle up. It's believed a staff member adopted him and gave him the name Hüsnü.


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