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High-demand jobs could cause you to die younger

Thursday 20 Oct 2016 5:00 a.m.

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In 1980 Dolly Parton sang about the nine-to five-daily grind, and how it was enough to drive you crazy. Well, it turns out not much has changed.

A new study from Indiana University has revealed working in a high-stress environment can not only lead to a poor diet and serious illness, but early death.

Researchers examined 2363 workers aged in their 60s over a seven-year period.

The study considered factors such as workload, time pressure and the amount of control workers had over decisions.

Unsurprisingly the results showed people in low-control, high-demand jobs were 15.4 percent more likely to die early, with cancer the leading cause of death for 55 percent of the group.

However, the study also showed the massive impact control over your job can have. Workers in higher positions, who might have more responsibilities, can better manage their stress because they're in control.

So while we might work to make a living, it's important we don't work ourselves to death in the process.


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