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Indian engineers develop air-powered motorcycle

Monday 4 May 2009 11:14 a.m.

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A group of Indian engineering students has invented a unique pollution free bike which runs on air pressure and does not emit carbon into the atmosphere.
It is thought the motorcycle, developed by a group of engineering students, may have the answer to India's massive pollution problem.
Where normal motorbikes use an engine powered by petrol, this runs on air.
So rather than pumping out carbon dioxide, the 100cc engine emits nothing but oxygen.
The Air Bike, as it's called, carries two large tanks of compressed air.
"Our professors had asked us to create something which nobody has done so far and is also pollution free. Something which is economical and affordable to a common man. So we thought of inventing a bike, which runs on air. There is no combustion in this bike as it does not use any petrol, diesel or anything," says Air Bike co-designer, Arshdeep Singh.
The Air Bike isn't silent, but chugs along at 18km/h. The designers hope they can improve that figure with more fine tuning.
India generates around 4 percent of global green house gas emissions. With automotive giants announcing more eco-friendly models, could travelling by air be one answer?
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