Iran denies having time machine

  • 17/04/2013

An Iranian government official has denied the Islamic state has a working time machine.

According to a report carried by the semi-official Fars News Agency last week, and picked up by international media, a 27-year-old Iranian scientist had invented a "time machine" which he claimed would "satisfies all the needs of human society".

Ali Razeqi's device, rather than transporting a person through time, would allow a user to see the next five-to-eight years of their life with "98 percent accuracy". He calls it the 'The Aryayek Time Travelling Machine'.

"I have been working on this project for the last 10 years," he said. "My invention easily fits into the size of a personal computer case and can predict details of the next five to eight years of the life of its users. It will not take you into the future, it will bring the future to you."

According to Razeqi, the United States had spent "several billion dollars" on a similar machine, but he had yet to reveal his much cheaper version for fear "the Chinese will steal the idea and produce it in millions overnight".

But Razeqi's claims have been rubbished by Iran's Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology.

"Making scientific claims is free for all, but registration of these claims as inventions should undergo certain legal stages based on scientific proofs and evidence," Mohammad Mehdinejad Nouri told Fars.

"Such a claim has not been registered in Iran's State Organisation for Registration of Deeds and Properties."

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source: newshub archive

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