Kate feeling better, royalists celebrating

  • 05/12/2012

She's feeling better, but the Duchess of Cambridge remains in a London hospital with severe morning sickness and the bookies have been hit by baby fever as well.

Prince William’s every move is always scrutinised, but even more so now, with his quick arrival at hospital first interpreted as anxiety.

Then, more than six hours later when he left, his body language told a different story – he was smiling, he looked relieved and relaxed.

And it soon became clear why after St James' s Palace released the following statement: “The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better. She and the Duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received.”

And the messages continue to pour in. At Kate's old school St Andrews they're making cards to send her, having played hockey with her just a few days ago.

St Andrews headmaster David Livingstone is happy for the former pupil.

“After Friday’s day, which was quite remarkable, to now find out that she was expecting a baby is just wonderful. The news spread so quickly around the school. It was a tremendous day.”

In the village where Kate grew up, family friends have been celebrating the news at the local pub. Local pub landlord John Haley says people have been celebrating.

"As I opened the door up about six o’clock, about 15 people 20 people walked in and we started a party again," says Mr Haley. "Just like last year when we went to the wedding, the champagnes were opening and everyone was in a really happy mood, really friendly mood and really pleased for Kate and William."

But while the attention is welcome now, the frenzy that's going to surround the baby's birth is likely to be a struggle for William.

Sunday Express royal editor Camilla Tominey is worried about the attention he will get.

“Prince William has some bad memories about his childhood being pursued by paparazzi and he won't want that to be repeated so I think certainly things have changed and the landscape has changed,” she says. “I'm not sure whether the general public actually has the same appetite for the hounding of the royals that we might have had in the 1980s.”

His mother’s battles with the press have left the prince determined to protect his family's privacy, so while pictures of a royal baby will be keenly anticipated when he or she is born next year, the doting dad will make sure his baby isn't hounded by the paparazzi the way he was.

And that's most likely the reason why we haven't heard directly from Prince William as yet. He obviously has more important things on his mind, but apart from that the couple will be looking to keep as much private as they possibly can.

They were of course a bit hamstrung in having to announce the pregnancy even though Kate isn't yet at the 12-week mark, but anything else they can keep private they will surely do so for as long as possible.

So it's widely expected that we won't see Kate in any public engagements before Christmas. She will be getting all the rest she can especially with such precious cargo on board.

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source: newshub archive