Lawyer turns to art following brain injury

  • 19/02/2015

A blow to the head has turned a slick US defence lawyer into an emerging artist, whose first exhibit is now opening in Texas.

After a brain injury he struggled to find words, but Patrick Fagerberg may now have found a better way to express himself.

A 10m camera boom fell into the crowd at a concert in Austin, in March 2011. It landed on Fagerberg's head, changing his life forever.

"They took me to the hospital and I was happy that I didn't have a broken neck," he says. "Two or three days later, I couldn't put sentences together, and after that I knew I was in trouble."

He was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, damaging the left side of his brain. It meant memory loss and processing problems.

He couldn't be a lawyer anymore, but in an art therapy class, Fagerberg discovered a whole new world.

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source: newshub archive