London pub goes to the dogs

  • 08/11/2011

The landlord of the Mucky Pup has turned his north London pub into a pop-up doggy diner and cocktail bar. It is an attempt to attract new four and two-legged customers.

While Mugley, Alfie and Gilbert wolfed down a plate of Bow Wow Pate, Lois the Chihuahua lapped up a glass of Mutt-tini.

Angus Funston hadn't bargained on being so busy, but his range of dog friendly cocktails and fine dining have been down a treat with the locals.

"I'm constantly wracking my brains with new ideas of making it more interesting, making it slightly different than your average pub." said Mr Funston.

Customers said they would welcome more dog friendly pubs.

"So many people in London own dogs now and you can struggle to find somewhere where you can take them - where you can eat and they can eat," the owner of Lois the Chihuahua. "I think any sort of business that did this would do amazingly."

The Mucky Pup is succeeding where many others have failed. The high cost of beer has pushed drinkers away from pubs and into supermarkets where alcohol is cheaper.

Some may think the idea is barking mad, but it may be a winner judging by the number of satisfied pooches.

3 News / Reuters

source: newshub archive

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