Madeleine McCann: second photo emerges

  • 04/03/2010

By Dave Goosselink

A second Dunedin security camera picture has emerged from the Madeleine McCann file that Portuguese police were studiously ignoring.

It reveals that a second child is with the young girl, leaving a Warehouse outlet in south Dunedin, and it also shows the face of the man they are with.

The image was taken by CCTV security cameras at the Dunedin Warehouse around 9pm on December 5, 2007.

It shows a man walking out of the store, accompanied by a young girl bearing a resemblance to Madeleine and a young boy.

The missing girl's parents are angry that many sightings like this weren't followed up.

“Clearly the Portuguese felt that all of this latest information wasn't significant,” says McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell.

“The investigator working for Kate and Gerry see it very differently. They see all information as potentially significant, and they are the only ones who are still looking for her so they need to keep going.”

It's the second photo to be released from a large file held by Portuguese police

New Zealand police admit they have several other images, but won't release them. Requests by 3 News for an interview were declined today.

3 News wanted to ask them whether in hindsight they'd done enough with the information obtained from the warehouse.

Former checkout operator Taryn Dryfhout raised the alert while working at the Warehouse in 2007.

She approached TVNZ last night, saying she was confident about the sighting and there was "no doubt in her mind" the little girl was Madeleine.

She spoke briefly with the young girl, who had a British accent and stammered when she said her name was Hayley.  

Kate and Gerry McCann say the photos and other discarded leads will now be examined by their own private investigators.

“If there is imagery particularly that looked like Madeleine, it needs to be checked out. And the investigators as I say, the private investigators, are the only ones looking for her now. They surely need that information more than police forces who aren't looking for her,” says Ms Mitchell.

The family are also calling for a full review of all the evidence in the 2000 page file.

3 News
The CCTV picture stills have been taken down due to a police request 

source: newshub archive