Mysterious clown appears in UK town

  • 16/09/2013

It all started on Friday the 13th.

Under the cloak of darkness in the UK East Midlands, a person has been lingering on the streets in full fancy dress as a somewhat menacing clown.

Residents of Northampton have been left a little creeped out by the clown, who has been seen for three nights in a row standing in different places around the town.

It has also been reported the clown has knocked on a stranger's door, offering to paint their windowsills despite having no equipment, the Northampton Herald & Post reports.

Residents have also seen him standing on the footpath with balloons and a teddy bear, and photos have emerged of him standing next to a sculpture of two children running away.

With his white face, red hair and ruffled collar the clown seems to be a copy of Pennywise from the 1990 movie It, based on a Stephen King novel.

It also seems to have become something of a minor celebrity with it's own Facebook page, which to date has more than 43,000 likes.

The clown says he doesn't mean to scare people, with a post on the Facebook page reading: "I don't terrorise people I just want to be spotted (sic)."

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source: newshub archive