Rescue operations underway in Queensland

  • 28/01/2013

A major rescue operation is underway in the Queensland city of Bundaberg where hundreds of residents are trapped by rising flood waters.

Helicopters are rushing to rescue people who've taken refuge on roofs amid fears houses could be washed away.

The wild weather has caused chaos throughout the state - and residents are being warned the worst is yet to come.

Around 1000 residents are believed to be trapped after the Burnett River burst it's banks. Rescue helicopters have spent the day rescuing residents who had been told to leave for more than a day.

Flood waters swept through homes in Ipswich, near Brisbane, in just half an hour. Residents used containers and canoes to save their belongings

Six hundred and sixty properties are likely to be affected, but that's not the main worry for residents.

South of Brisbane two farmers were stranded on top of their ute. They were soon picked up and carried to safety - one of several rescue operations carried out today.

The Brisbane River will peak at midday tomorrow and again on Wednesday but already the river has burst its banks in several places. The peaks are expected to be below 2011 levels but more that 4000 homes and 1200 businesses could still be affected.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is urging residents to prepare for the worst.

The Gold Coast was spared major flooding though it still suffered plenty of damage.

Further up the country the wild weather has been less damaging but just as dramatic. In Queensland's Sunshine Coast, sea foam 3 metres deep covered streets and walkways whipped up by huge waves overnight.

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source: newshub archive

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