Separated twins reunited at last

  • 09/05/2014

By Dee Dee Gatton

Twin sisters separated at birth have met for the first time in 78 years.

Born in England, one of the twins stayed in the United Kingdom while the other moved to Oregon, in the US.

The sisters met last week for the first time to participate in a twin study in California, and though one of the women knew she was a twin, the other had absolutely no idea.

Ann Hunt's mum gave her up for adoption in order to focus on her sister who suffered a medical condition and needed care.

Decades later, and Ms Hunt is a mother with children herself, and it wasn't until her daughter delved into the family's genealogical roots she learnt she had a twin living halfway around the globe.

After the discovery, Ms Hunt's daughter wrote a letter to the twin.

"I do get mail from England, but I was surprised when I saw Aldershot because we were born in Aldershot," says Ms Hunt's twin sister, Elizabeth Hamel.

Ms Hamel says she knew about Ms Hunt her entire life, but couldn't find the adoption records in order to track her down.

And while the fraternal twins may not look alike, there are some similarities, but more importantly they are together at last.

The pair now holds the record for being the longest twins to go without seeing each other in the world.

source: newshub archive