Taxi! Frog catches ride with snake through flooded Brisbane

  • 11/01/2011

We all know that the early bird catches the worm – but in Brisbane it’s the early frog that catches the snake.

Amidst the photos of catastrophe, despair and destruction, computer technician Armin Gerlach snapped a photo of a green frog hitching a ride on the back of a brown snake through the floodwaters.

Mr Gerlach was visiting friends in the flood-hit town of Dalby when he spotted the unlikely pair, reports.

“I felt amazement, I just couldn’t believe it,” he says.

Mr Gerlach says a friend told him it is not uncommon for animals to help each other during disasters.

“It’s quite common when you have animals in floods or fires or disasters, they actually get together and don’t do anything,” he says.

“[My friend] has seen foxes and rabbits forget their hunting instincts during natural disasters.”

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source: newshub archive