The week in Australia with Rachel Morton

  • 20/12/2012

Police in Australia have arrested eight people who were meant to be protecting Australia’s border, including a customs officer and a quarantine inspector.

They are accused of being part of a group of 30 paid by gangs to turn a blind eye to the importation of drugs and weapons.

Edward Sullivan, 21, has been arrested after incredible footage emerged earlier this week of a vicious road rage attack in which he smashed in another driver’s windscreen after trying to run them off the road.

Beachgoers in Perth scrambled for safety after 13 tiger sharks were spotted in the water, and three popular beaches were closed.  Everyone was safely evacuated, although a surfer did hit one of the sharks with his surfboard while trying to get out of the water.

In other animal news from Australia, a three-year-old boy successfully hatched seven deadly eastern brown snakes in a container in his wardrobe, and an octopus at a Sydney aquarium has been trained to open Christmas presents.

Watch the video for the full wrap by Australia correspondent Rachel Morton

source: newshub archive

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