UFO museum funding falls short

  • 02/04/2013

A group of Londoners "of sound mind" are trying to raise funds to open a UFO museum.

Sick of having to travel "thousands of miles" to Roswell in the US, the group has set a goal of raising US$970,000 (NZ$1,157,792) to build one in London.

"We truly believe this is a unique, exciting project that would attract a lot of people and we need your help and support to make this become a reality," reads the blurb on their page on Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website similar to Kickstarter.

"Our team includes people of sound mind who wanted to go to a UFO museum one day close to home: in Paris, London and Berlin, and who realised that one had to travel thousands of miles to visit such a place.

"This is how we decided to create a non-profit UFO museum in London."

The group says it already has "material from a former UFO museum" and a number of "perfect" London locations in mind.

"The plan is to open the place when enough material is available, hopefully within one year."

If the project reaches its funding goal, backers will be rewarded with t-shirts, postcards and dinner with the projects founders and "a notorious ufologist".

But at the time of writing, the campaign had raised only $370 with a week to go.

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source: newshub archive