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VIDEO: British far-right aims to quell riots

Wednesday 10 Aug 2011 11:38 a.m.

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Hundreds of young people rampaged through the streets of major cities in the UK, breaking into shops and clashing with police, as rioting in the country continued for a fourth straight night.

Youths in Salford in northwestern England threw objects at riot police shortly before dusk on Tuesday (local time).

There were no reports of injuries.

Earlier a disused library was set ablaze in the town, firefighters said.

In nearby Manchester, emergency services said that a clothing store has been set alight amid outbreaks of unrest.

Police said seven people had been arrested so far, as youths rampaged through the city centre.

Manchester had not previously been touched by the violence, arson and looting that has swept through London and other major cities since Saturday night.

Firefighters said the Miss Selfridge clothes store in Manchester city centre had been set ablaze on Tuesday.

In central England, shops were targeted by rioters in the city of Wolverhampton, police said.

Amateur video broadcast on Sky News showed youths clashing with police in the city centre.

Police said they also made five arrests in Birmingham.


The leader of a British far-right group says its members are taking to the streets of British cities in an attempt to quell riots that have spread across the country for four nights.

Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defence League, told The Associated Press that up to 1,000 members planned to turn out in Luton, where the group is based, and others areas that have suffered unrest, including the northwestern city of Manchester.

Lennon said some members had were already carrying out patrols trying to deter rioters, and that hundreds more would join them Wednesday.

"We're going to stop the riots - police obviously can't handle it," Lennon told the AP.

The far-right group was cited as an inspiration to Anders Behring Breivik who has confessed to the July 22 massacre in Norway.

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