VIDEO: Dust devil vandalises police car

  • 06/11/2013

Police in Hartford, Connecticut have discovered that when it comes to investigating apparent crimes, the most obvious solution isn't always the right one.

Investigating who was behind the breaking of a police vehicle's wing mirror while it was in the Hartford Police Department carpark, police made an unexpected discovery – Mother Nature was to blame.

"I saw this surveillance video and I said, 'What the heck is this?'" said NBC Connecticut meteorologist Brad Field.

A mini-tornado, known as a dust devil, had sprung up right on top of the officer's car, ripping off the wing mirror, tossing it about a bit then dropping it right next to the car's door.

"To be able to rip a mirror off a car, throw it around and then put it right back below where it was ripped off is interesting ... to say the least," Lt Brian Foley of Hartford police told NBC.

His fellow officers, however, are sticking to the theory the carpark is haunted.

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source: newshub archive

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