Video of stolen penguin released

  • 20/04/2012

By Rachel Morton

Three men who kidnapped a penguin from SeaWorld on the Gold Coast have released video of the penguin in their apartment.

The men say it proves they meant Dirk the fairy penguin no harm.

It could have been a scene from the movie The Hangover - three friends woke up from a big night with a penguin in their apartment.

“Still a bit fuzzy about the whole thing but on behalf of the three of us we are very sorry and it was just a prank which went way to far,” Rhys Jones says.

The men had been out drinking, when they broke in Sea World and stole Dirk.

That was after they went swimming with the Dolphins.

The men dumped Dirk the next day at a lagoon, where he was found scared and exhausted.

But they are sorry about what happened.

“We are all three of us sorry to SeaWorld and the time searching for Dirk,” Mr Jones says.

They say the video proves they never meant to hurt the animal and they have learnt their lesson.

“Yeah I wouldn't go stealing any animals it's not the brightest thing to do.”

But they still have to face to consequences. They are due in court next week facing a raft of charges.

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source: newshub archive