Worst of Queensland flooding still to come

  • 28/01/2013

Thousands of homes have been flooded by torrential rain in eastern Australia, and more rain and high winds are expected in Queensland and New South Wales.

Four people are reported to have been killed, including a three-year-old boy who was hit by a falling tree in Brisbane.

Officials are preparing for another day of evacuations after the Burnett River in Brisbane burst its banks.

Flood waters swept through homes in Ipswich in just half an hour, and residents used containers and canoes to save their belongings.

More than 2000 homes are underwater in the worst-affected city of Bundaberg, but that's not the most immediate concern for residents, who are just desperate to leave the area.

Many buildings in the region were destroyed in the floods two years ago, now locals are trying to save them from another flood.

The Gold Coast was spared major flooding - but there is plenty of damage as roofing was ripped off and boats driven ashore.

Further up the country in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, sea foam 3m deep covered streets and walk ways, whipped up by huge waves.

There was enough to almost cover a bus, and to completely cover a car.

Queensland premier Campbell Newman is urging residents to prepare for the worst in the coming days, with the Brisbane River set to peak at midday today.

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source: newshub archive