Cadbury launches Vegemite chocolate bar

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  • 07/05/2015

It may sound disgusting, but Cadbury will be mixing its trademark chocolate with an Australian icon – Vegemite.

Cadbury Australia made the announcement via Twitter with a short 20-second video.

"Yes. It's real. Yes. The rumours were true. Yes. It's available from June 1 (although you may see it sooner…)"

It is not known how long the limited-edition chocolate bar will be on the shelves for.

The packaging describes the product as "Dairy Milk milk chocolate with smooth flowing caramel and Vegemite."

The company claims the sweet and savoury mix is "surprisingly delicious".

But so far the reaction product has left a bitter taste on social media, with many disgusted by the thought of it.

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source: newshub archive