Dairies criticise alcohol ban

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  • 01/05/2012

Dairy owners claim they're being discriminated against as the Government looks to reintroduce its Alcohol Reform Bill.

The bill will see tough new restrictions on the sale of liquor in supermarkets - and dairies will no longer be able to sell it.

Justice Minister Judith Collins says it aims to change the country's drinking culture.

But Naginvhai Neil Patel from the Association of Dairy, Grocery and Small Businesses, says it'll hurt the already struggling corner diaries, which aren't driving the problem.

"People can come in and they buy their bread, butter, eggs, milk, beer and wine, and now they won't be able to do it," says Mr Patel.

"It will affect a lot of our small businesses… and in turn it will affect the Government… less GST will be collected."

Mr Patel says before the 1989 Liquor Act extended supermarket opening hours, there were nearly 7000 dairies - there are now just under 4000.


source: newshub archive