Ikea to open a store in Auckland?

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  • 21/08/2011

The company which manages the Westgate shopping centre in Auckland has refused to confirm or deny rumours an Ikea store will be opening there soon.

According to posts on the 'I want IKEA stores to open in New Zealand!' page on Facebook, Perth-based Cebas – which owns the rights to open the first IKEA store in New Zealand – is planning to launch a store at Westgate, which is in the West Auckland suburb of Massey.

But retailer Myflatpack, which imports IKEA products, says it is opening showrooms in Auckland and Christchurch, not IKEA itself, leading some to believe this is the source of the rumour.

Cebas has tried to get an IKEA store open in New Zealand for a few years now, but has had setbacks, including being denied permission to open a store in Mt Wellington because it would cause "traffic chaos".

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source: newshub archive