A Norwegian on thin ice

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  • 05/04/2013

YouTube is full of videos. Millions of hours worth of cats, children and pranks.

Some of it is masterfully shot; some is not

Some is the work of veteran directors; some the product of talentless hacks.

But occasionally a YouTube user will transcend the abyss of mediocrity and create a masterful piece of art.

If there's one video on YouTube that's always fascinated me it's one made by Tor Eckhoff, whose YouTube alias is "apetor" - a man drinking vodka, getting naked and falling through ice.

I wanted to meet the man behind this video, and others like it.

Eventually, after weeks of trawling the internet, I tracked him down and called him on Skype.

"Could you introduce yourself to New Zealand viewers?" I ask him.

"My name is Tor Eckhoff. I am 48 years, I am living near a town in Norway and I am factory worker in a paint factory," he replies.

When Tor's not working in a paint factory, he makes videos - many with millions of views.

And they really are something to behold.

They aren't just silly YouTube videos - they're shot with multiple cameras, and an entire 3 or 4 minute video is almost like a weird bit of art.

Tor says he lives alone and does the filming and editing alone too. He does have an ex-wife though.

At times the setting changes, for example, a surreal tribute to the victims of 9/11.

But mostly it's one man emboldened by vodka.

"I do find myself worrying for your health sometimes. You have bloody knees in one video with a chainsaw. How are you doing?" I ask.

"I am OK, but the chainsaw of course not something you should do when you are skating naked," he says.

I'm curious how a man who works in a paint factory in Norway found the motivation to make these videos.

His most popular series is entitled "Thin Ice".

"The Thin Ice was inspired stuff, is inspired in a way, I went through the ice some years ago not on purpose. So I practice put on my camera and thin ice was made," Tor explains.

Since then he's made many more videos and got millions more views.

Tor is currently working on an Easter video, although he admits he's a little late.

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source: newshub archive