Alice Cooper forgives venue that banned his show

  • Breaking
  • 22/08/2009

Alice Cooper has forgiven the owners of a Finnish venue for banning his controversial rock show on religious grounds, insisting he respects their decision because he is also a Christian.

The rocker was scheduled to play the Tampere Areena, in Tampere, Finland on 11 December but management officials subsequently admitted the booking conflicted with their "Christian-based policies."

The gig was scrapped and Tampere Areena boss Harri Wiherkoski put the decision down to an objection from other clients who use the venue.

Cooper isn't bitter about the move - because he can totally understand the owners' reasons.

He tells Australia's Undercover News, "It was one city in Finland where the venue happens to be a very conservative venue. You know what? Because I'm Christian myself, I just turned the other cheek."

But the star, real name Vincent Furnier, admits he was confused by the snub - because other classical productions are much more violent than his own show.

He adds, "I didn't quite understand it. Here is what I would say on that: If I were doing (Shakespeare's play) Macbeth, would it be okay? Everybody would say Macbeth is fine. Well, Macbeth is about twice as bloody as anything I would do."

But the born-again Christian has learned that it is impossible to please everyone: "There is always someone who is going to be a radical or fanatic who has their beliefs and I respect that. Find another venue. I don't care. There is nothing in my show that can be banned or I would have been banned all over the world."

source: newshub archive